AmpliPur Tips Volume Discount Enquiry 

At Gilson, not only do we have AmpliPur Expert Filter Tips in stock and ready to ship, but we also offer volume discount. 
If you require a number of Filter Tips in your lab, simply send us your enquiry with what tips and approximately how many you are looking for and we will get back to you with pricing.

  • AmpliPur Expert Tips 10-200 µL      Part Number: F174301
  • AmpliPur Expert Tips 0.5-10 µL       Part Number: F174101
  • AmpliPur Expert Tips 1-20 µL          Part Number: F174201
  • AmpliPur Expert Tips 100-1000 µL  Part Number: F174401
  • AmpliPur Expert Tips 100-1200 µL  Part Number: F174501

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Why AmpliPur Expert Tips?

AmpliPur Expert Tips are designed to fit various pipette brands for maximum convenience on the bench. Equipped with a filter, they also help prevent cross-contamination.  Ideal for molecular biology, these tips significantly contribute to molecular testing performance by ensuring sample integrity during the pipetting process. Manufactured according to the certified Gilson quality standard, AmpliPur Expert Tips comply with ISO 8655 requirements and are certified free of RNase and DNase, preserving your sample integrity.


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