Gilson's qPCR/PCR Wizard for TRACKMAN Connected            

Now You Can Perform COVID-19 Tests From Anywhere

With the ever-increasing demand for COVID-19 testing, laboratories are placed under immense pressure for rapid and reliable analysis. Gilson's portable Connected smart devices can add traceability and confidence to manual pipetting within your COVID workflow, and preserve the integrity of your sample.

TRACKMAN® Connected guides you through your pipetting method to help prevent errors. When paired with PIPETMAN® M Connected, you can see where, when, and how much to pipette in real-time for complete traceability.  In the end, a complete report that summarises all your actions. 

New qPCR/PCR Wizard

With the NEW Gilson PipettePilot® PCR template embedded into TRACKMAN Connected, you can set up qPCR or PCR experiments quickly. Generate tailor-made protocols with only 7 clicks, rapidly reducing your protocol creation time.

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TRACKMAN® Connected: Traceable,
Reliable, and Reproducible Science

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