Gilson and Funai have joined forces to develop a new non-contact digital dispenser. This new ready-to-use dispenser helps with sub-microliter dispensing in dose-response studies and assay miniaturization. The product is now ready and will be commercially launched in Q1 2023.

We are currently allowing a limited number of USA researchers to be a part of our Early Access Program (EAP).

If you're currently working with serial dilutions, dose-response studies, titrations, or other applications that would benefit from sub-microliter dispensing and are interested in getting a pre-launch version of the product, please fill out the form on the right, and we'll send you a quotation.

As an EAP member, you'll receive:​

  • Early access to the most affordable and easy-to-use sub-microliter dispenser.
  • An opportunity to have the technology in your lab months before the product is generally available.
  • Exclusive discount if you choose to purchase the instrument before 2023.

The Early Access Program is expected to run for 90 days, if you take advantage of this opportunity, we simply ask for a 15-minute telephone follow-up, to discuss feedback and comments on your use of the platform.​

Be one of the first to benefit from the early access opportunity by filling out the form.

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