NEW PIPETMAN L 1200L Multichannel Pipette

The PIPETMAN® L x1200 models are the latest mechanical multichannel pipettes in Gilson’s PIPETMAN L family, combining ergonomics, performance, and secure pipetting. They cover an extended range of volumes, from 100 to 1200 μL, in either 8- or 12-channel models, helping you increase your daily productivity without sacrificing comfort.

• One of the largest adjustable volume multichannel pipettes available - Minimises the number of pipetting steps.

• Low pipetting and ejection forces - Increases comfort while reducing the risk of RSI. Scientists can increase their daily productivity and pipette longer without fatigue.

• Fully autoclavable without disassembly - For maximum convenience, as well as protection from cross-contamination. ​​

• True volume locking system - Guarantees no accidental volume change during pipetting cycles.

Highest repeatability - 1200 has the lowest random error values on the market.

• Optimised performance across channels - For uniform sample delivery.

• 3-year warranty

You can order online, or if you would like more information or a quote, please contact us using the form opposite.